Founded With
A Mission.

Create the perfect daypack for outdoor enthusiasts, travellers, explorers and thrill-seekers.

At AUK we’re on a mission to simplify your adventure by creating a better daypack for outdoor enthusiasts and weekend warriors, for travellers, explorers and thrill-seekers alike.  A high performance but simple pack ready for anything you throw at it . . . or into it. Your paradise is waiting. AUK helps you get there.

The story of AUK begins in Paradise . . . California. We designed AUK packs from the ground-up, utilizing only the most innovative materials and manufacturing processes available. Every detail, every feature has been thoughtfully developed and integrated into the AUK pack with a purpose in mind . . . actually, many purposes, because versatility was so important for us.

The result . . . is a thoughtfully-designed, high-quality, yet affordable dry daypack that we sell direct to you to save you money.  And with models for men, women and kids, everyone can enjoy a pack tailor-made for their specific needs. AUK packs are ready for the outdoors when you are, so you can just grab it and go.

Simplicity in Design

It had to be durable, versatile and high-performance but also simple, fun and ready for anything you throw at it, or into it. 

Lifetime Guarantee

We believe in what we make. That's why every AUK pack comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Environmental Support

With each purchase, a percent of sales are donated to supporting outdoor access and the wild places you love.

Direct To You Pricing

We sell only direct to you (no retail markup), allowing us to produce superior products with the most innovative materials, without passing the cost on to you.