Our Business Model

At Auk Gear we set out to build products made from the best materials and components built by industry leading manufacturing facilities without price in mind. We wanted to build products with purpose, yet simple in design. Keep your gear dry, a simple purpose, yet we were struggling to find many options from traditional retailers, sure there are plenty of rain covers, but those only do so well in wet conditions. Through our journey we realized how difficult and costly it is to build top quality waterproof packs, that’s why there are so few options available, but when we finally signed off on our gold samples, after years if iterations and testing, we immediately shifted our focus to affordability and distribution. We decided to never compromise on quality, purpose or design, so the only logical choice was to sell our products directly to you, our end users. By eliminating retailers we eliminate the unnecessary markup that comes with the traditional method.

Now that we have brought our products to market, we can look back at where we started and feel confident that we have stayed true to our beliefs. Our hope is that you too will feel confident in the gear we make, and that your confidence in us will get you to your paradise.